Affinity Ranking

With benchtop kinetic binding assay Agile R100, you now have an accessible label-free method to validate and confirm hits. Agile R100 has an 11-log dynamic range, letting you use a single platform to measure very high affinity antibodies as well as weakly-binding fragments with accuracy and reliability. Gain affinity data to have confidence in your leads earlier in the process, when it’s the most beneficial.

High-throughput screening (HTS) techniques often test biomolecular interactions at a single concentration without investigating dose-response relationships that could provide more accurate data for hit selection. In addition, the use of labels in HTS can generate hits without functional modes of action, leading to false positives. These false positives consume significant time and resources in their development before they are identified and eliminated. Affinity ranking with a label-free kinetic binding platform can increase the efficiency of the drug discovery process.

Agile R100 features:

  • Orthogonal technique that can sense in up to 10% DMSO
  • Measurements in as little as 2 minutes that provide clear data for interactions with fast association rates
  • Full dose-response curves with just one Agile biosensor chip

Protein TNFα and small molecule compound SPD304

dose-response curve to illustrate affinity ranking with label-free graphene biosensor Agile R100

Dose-response curves generated by Agile R100 for TNFα interacting with SPD304, Evans Blue, and Trypan Blue. The IC50 of each inhibitor respectively is 22 µM, 750 µM, and 1000 µM. The affinity (KD) of each TNFα and inhibitor interaction calculated by Agile R100 confirms the previously-reported IC50 rank order, while the platform provides an easy-to-use orthogonal technique. See the Application Note for more details.