Biosensor Quality Assurance
July 26, 2018
Before performing at a huge venue in front of thousands of fans, it’s vital that a thorough sound check was completed to ensure clear, well- balanced sound. Similarly, before running an assay using your precious time and resources, it’s critical that the biosensor was thoroughly QA’d, ensuring reliable, dependable results.

At Nanomed, every biosensor chip that arrives in our customers’ hands has been rigorously QA’d by our scientists. Our demanding quality assurance process includes first an optical microscopy step using a powerful differential interference microscope that pinpoints any contamination or tearing on the graphene surface. If even a tiny flaw is detected, the biosensor never leaves our door.

Then we take the visually flawless biosensors and continue with an electrical final check to confirm each chip will shine in live sensing conditions. This electrical step is essentially like a sound check: We plug the blank chip into an Agile reader and run it the way it would eventually be run in an experiment, but without a loaded biomolecular interaction. We examine the sensor’s noise level and electrical qualities, and only when it passes our meticulous criteria do we deliver it into the hands of our customers. This ensures that when the curtain goes up, the equipment is ready to support a fantastic performance.

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Optical microscope images.