Nanomed – A Fully Owned Cardea Brand
At Nanomed, we provide fast and affordable tools for small molecule drug discovery and development. We have developed a breakthrough electrical assay based on proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology that detects molecular interactions without the use of optics or labeling. This technology employs a unique graphene biosensor to enable label-free, highly sensitive binding studies of small molecules to proteins amongst other types of binding. With a wide dynamic range, small sample requirements, and minimal signal contributions from common solvents and detergents, our products complements existing technology and allows our customers to accelerate their small molecule drug discovery and development.

As the world’s leading mass-manufacturer of graphene biosensors, Cardea’s overall mission is to empower the healthcare and life science people with new and innovative applications and products to allow them to make the future an even better place.

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