Halloween 2017

At Nanomedical Diagnostics, we work hard and play hard. We’re dedicated to getting the job done, but when it’s done, it’s time to relax and hang out.  So here we are on a Halloween Tuesday, in costume, gathered around a sunken pirate ship, ready to enjoy good food and conversation.

In our company, we have a shared passion that we call “nerdy delight.” This enthusiasm for things that are a little bit different, unknown, and unique is what we bring to developing the technology behind our products – Field Effect Biosensing (FEB). It’s different from any current technique, and we’re excited to be part of introducing this cutting-edge tech to the world. Our passion for the “different” bleeds into other parts of our lives, and there is a large portion of us who love video games, Marvel comics, Star Trek, and pirates (or all of the above). Argh!!

Halloween 2017 at Nanomedical Diagnostics