Press Releases
Nanomed to Launch Early Access Program for Revel High-Throughput Direct Measurement Platform for Fragment Screening
San Diego
January 28, 2019
The company will introduce the breakthrough biophysical system at the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2019 Conference in Washington, D.C. from February 4 through 6.
Nanomed Announces Office Move to Accommodate Company Growth
San Diego
December 10, 2018
To support upcoming product launches and expanding headcount, the San Diego-based company will triple its space in a new facility.
Nanomed CTO Brett Goldsmith to Speak in Graphene Show at IDTechEx Conference
San Diego
November 12, 2018
Dr. Goldsmith will introduce the company’s breakthrough Protect and Expose manufacturing process that advances the industry from artisanal graphene biosensors to commercial-grade sensors capable of machine learning.
Combined with BONCAT, Nanomed Graphene Biosensor Identifies Circulating Biomarkers of Aging
San Diego
October 16, 2018
In this publication, the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) at Claremont Colleges uses the Agile graphene biosensor to develop a lab-on-a-chip with reduced sample size, complexity, cost, and time.
Nanomed CTO Brett Goldsmith to Speak at David Myszka’s SensorCon 2018 Conference
San Diego
September 18, 2018
Dr. Goldsmith will share experiments showcasing characterization of MYC oncoprotein, Zika virus, G-protein-coupled receptors, and aptamers with Agile, a versatile Field Effect Biosensing system.
Nanomed Agile Graphene Biosensor Characterizes Difficult-to-Study MYC Oncoprotein for Cancer Research
San Diego
August 7, 2018
Using data gathered by Agile, a kinetic binding assay system, scientists from Dr. Kim Janda’s laboratory at the Scripps Research Institute developed a new series of compounds with the potential to down-regulate the transcriptional activities of MYC.
Nanomed Launches New Graphene Biosensor for Validating Primary Screen Hits During Early Stage Drug Discovery
San Diego
July 10, 2018
False positives are common when using labeled biochemical assays to measure high-concentration interactions. SCOOH Agile biosensors present a possible solution.
Nanomed Releases Report on Field Effect Biosensing vs. Isothermal Titration Calorimetry
San Diego
June 5, 2018
ITC, commonly used to analyze small molecule and protein interactions, consumes large amounts of sample and has low throughput. Nanomed presents a possible alternative.
Nanomed Releases Report on Affinity Ranking for Hit Validation
San Diego
May 8, 2018
Labels can get in the way of accurate ranking for tight-binding interactions. Nanomed presents biochemists a possible solution.
Nanomed Launches New Graphene Biosensor for Label-Free Characterization of Antibodies, Peptides, and Small Molecule Compounds
San Diego
March 27, 2018
NH2 Agile biosensors provide flexible kinetic characterization for drug discovery research.
Nanomed Launches New Graphene Biosensor for Label-Free Characterization of Integral Membrane Proteins
San Diego
February 27, 2018
FLEX Agile biosensors provide kinetic binding analysis for GPCRs, ion channels, enzymes, and receptors.
Nanomed Founder and CTO Brett Goldsmith to Speak at Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening 2018 Conference
San Diego
January 30, 2018
Dr. Goldsmith will share the role the company’s graphene biosensor plays in increasing the speed and efficiency of small molecule drug discovery.
Joe Keegan, Former CEO of Octet-manufacturer FortéBio, Appointed Executive Chairman of Nanomed
San Diego
January 9, 2018
Dr. Keegan to spearhead fundraising, product development, and sales strategy as company begins development of high-throughput kinetic characterization system.
Nanomed Launches New Getting Started Kit for Agile Label-free Personal Assay System
San Diego
December 5, 2017
The GSK enables a new user to learn how to characterize small molecules using the breakthrough kinetic binding platform in under four hours.
New Patent Issued to Nanomed for Use of Graphene Biosensors with DNA Probes to Identify DNA Sequences for Precision Medicine
San Diego
October 17, 2017
Ability to apply the highly sensitive and affordable technology for non-invasive tumor-specific DNA detection brings the holy grail of early cancer detection one step closer.
New Portable, Cost-effective Agile Detects Zika Viral Protein with High Sensitivity and Specificity
San Diego
September 12, 2017
Label-free Agile, by Nanomed, may enable detection of Zika virus with low false positives. Antibodies developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) were used to directly detect the viral protein Zika NS1 at clinically relevant levels of sensitivity.
Nanomed Launches New Agile Biosensor to Accelerate Label-free Drug Development
San Diego
August 15, 2017
NHS Agile biosensors provide kinetic characterization of drug compounds and biopharmaceuticals with unprecedented ease and reliability.
Nanomed Launches New Biosensor for Label-free Kinetic Binding Analysis of Proteins
San Diego
July 18, 2017
NTA biosensors let drug discovery researchers characterize proteins faster, easier, and more reliably.
Nanomed Benchtop Kinetic Binding Platform Displays Unprecedented High Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Comparison Study Showcased in MRS Advances
San Diego
June 20, 2017
Label-free Agile demonstrates detection of Zika antigen at 10 times lower concentration than Octet.
Nanomed Issued Key Patent for Agile, a Graphene Biosensor for Drug Discovery
San Diego
May 9, 2017
Quantitative, label-free characterization system covered by patent enables sensitive kinetic binding and affinity data for life science research.
Nanomed VP Production To Speak at Materials Research Society Spring Meeting
San Diego
April 11, 2017
Dr. Mitchell Lerner will share details about the fabrication process behind the world’s first mass-manufactured graphene biosensor, Agile.
Nanomed Announces Partnership with Rogue Valley Microdevices, Delivering World’s First Successful High-Volume Manufacturing for Graphene Biosensors
San Diego
March 8, 2017
Agile, a kinetic binding platform created by the cost-effective, high-throughput fabrication process, gives pharmaceutical companies access to a novel label-free biophysical characterization tool.
Nanomed to Present Field Effect Biosensing for Fragment-Based Drug Discovery at SLAS 2017
San Diego
January 24, 2017
Novel FEB technology provides high-quality kinetic binding and affinity data to accurately identify hits.
Nanomed Electronic Label-Free Assay Supports Positive Cooperativity in Study Published in Nature
San Diego
December 1, 2016
Kinetic binding data generated by the easy-to-use Agile system supports a new pathway for treatment of diseases.
Nanomed CEO and CTO to Introduce Electronic Label-Free Assay Based on Field Effect Biosensing Technology at IDTechEx Show
San Diego
November 10, 2016
Ross Bundy and Dr. Brett Goldsmith will share how Agile provides small therapeutics companies access to the same data available to large pharma.
Joe Keegan, Former CEO of Octet-manufacturer ForteBio, joins Nanomed Board of Directors
San Diego
November 1, 2016
Dr. Keegan to provide expertise in the label-free detection market as the company expands sales of Agile, its benchtop biosensor assay for lead optimization.
Nanomed Announces Peer-Reviewed Publication Demonstrating High Sensitivity and Selectivity With the Agile Label-Free Electronic Assay
San Diego
October 11, 2016
Co-authored by scientists from UCSD and UCI, the publication highlights enzyme, antibody, and insulin experiments that showcase Agile’s ability to exceed current protein characterization methods.
Nanomed Founder and CTO to Highlight Launch of World’s First Commercialized Graphene Biosensor at the Graphene World Summit
San Diego
September 15, 2016
Leading nanotechnology expert Dr. Brett Goldsmith will share graphene’s key role in Agile, an all-electronic, label-free binding assay.
Nanomed’s Novel Agile Graphene Biosensor Advances Kinase Research for the Development of Therapeutic Pharmaceuticals
San Diego
July 20, 2016
Study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society demonstrates previously unattainable measurements for kinase drug discovery.