Agile Biosensor Chip – SCOOH

The Agile Super Amine-immobilization Biosensor Chip – SCOOH provides a high-density amine-reactive, hydrophilic surface for target immobilization via free amine groups. Specifically designed for high-concentration measurements, SCOOH biosensors decrease background noise caused by hydrophobic analytes.

  • Flexible hydrophilic immobilization of soluble proteins to the biosensor surface
  • Customizable hydrophilic surface for rapid assay development
  • Covalently bonded hydrogel on graphene sensor surface minimizes nonspecific binding and protein adsorption
  • Hydrogel layer is comprised of polymer brushes loaded with carboxyl groups, extending binding sites to 10 nm from the sensor surface for interactions with structural limitations
  • Coated with a high density of amine-reactive binding sites for target attachment; 25 times the binding capacity of the COOH biosensor
  • Study native proteins with no need for tags or labels

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Agile biosensors are made of graphene, platinum, and glass – biologically inert materials that do not react with your experiment. The biosensors are regeneration-capable, and depending on the stability of the immobilized molecule, can provide up to 10 measurements. Each measurement with the Agile biosensor is taken with three replicate data points for strong internal reproducibility and technical control.

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