Agile Biosensor Chip Quality Assurance
October 23, 2017

Producing the world’s first anything is not an easy thing to do. As the world’s first and only mass-manufacturer of graphene biosensors, we had to be pioneers to ensure the Agile R100 personal assay platform delivers reproducible, high-quality results every time. We developed rigorous quality control procedures, performing meticulous manual optical inspections of every chip that comes through our fabrication process. Each biosensor chip is laboriously scored by hand, and we’re strict about what makes it through, and into the hands of our customers. To this date, we’ve produced over 2 million individual graphene transistors, each one lovingly inspected by one of our scientists. While that generates high-quality biosensors, it also makes for tired eyeballs and long days.

That’s why we’re excited and happy to have the Nanotronics nSpec Automated Microscope and AI Classifier in our house. Our new favorite toy can optically scan an array of chips in minutes instead of the hours it would’ve taken us to manually inspect them. The microscope’s scans are fed into a machine-learning algorithm to execute our scoring process, and the more we run through the system, the better it gets at identifying and classifying the quality levels of our chips. The end result is the same high standards for quality assurance that you expect from our products, at a tiny fraction of the time it used to take us. Plus, our scientists no longer get eye strain. Win!